Welcome to SEBO Farms


They just look cool.

Cattle are raised in a natural, low stress environment.

100% grass fed and grass finished.
Free of growth hormones, steroids, and antibiotics.

Welcome to SEBO Farms, owned and operated by Matt and Emily Sewell. We live in Bucyrus, Kansas, just south of the Kansas City metro, and our farm is right across the state line in Cleveland, Missouri. This is where we run our cow-calf operation of registered Belted Galloway cattle, or “Belties” for short. We are dedicated to the preservation of the ancient breed, providing local, healthy, all natural grass fed/grass finished beef, and producing high quality breeding stock.

With proper herd management and rotational grazing, it creates a natural, low stress environment for our cattle thus providing our all-natural grass fed beef. We are proud to be able to provide our community this opportunity for a healthy and quality grass fed beef product. For more information on the health benefits of Beltie beef, or Belties themselves, simply click on the appropriate tabs above.

Preserving the breed and raising quality breeding stock go hand in hand. We maintain pedigree records and seek well known, high quality blood lines for our herd. On top of this we also collect data for birth weights, weaning weights, and yearling weights. A BSE (breeding soundness exam) is conducted on bulls we sell, consisting of an overall physical exam, scrotal circumference, and semen evaluation.

Thank you for stopping in and visiting our website, please take the time to look around and let us know how we can be helpful. Also, feel free to click the Facebook icon at the bottom of the page to visit us there.

Thank You,

Matt and Emily Sewell