Cows Are On the Mooooooove!

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November 23, 2016

Cows Are On the Mooooooove!

The cows are on the MOOOOve!  As some of you know, Matt and I purchased a piece of land in Cleveland, Missouri (just east of State Line & 233rd St.) for the future home of SEBO Farms and our cattle.  This summer, they have resided in 3 different locations…count that…one, two, three…. (Cleveland, Bucyrus & Louisburg)!  Whew, that’s a lot of land and cows to check!  So, just a few weeks ago, the cows were ALL moved back to Louisburg (where we lease pasture) for the winter months. And we’re happy to have them all together.  In early Spring, they will all be moved to the Cleveland property.  This winter we will continue to work on our new farm and get it ready for the cows to reside permanently.

We’ve been blessed with a mild fall and hoping that continues throughout the winter months as well.  Around Thanksgiving, we should be adding three new calves.  Actually, we just had a little heifer!  Waiting for two more to drop.

Happy Fall Y’all!

Signed, The Farmer’s Wife (Emily)

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